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"Our everyday struggles are [for] resources ...some days we go without any food." 

Charles, Non-Binary Refugee from Burundi.

About Us

How Money for Migrants works

Money for Migrants (MfM) is a platform that links donors to LGBTQ+ refugees in need. 

Whilst some refugees are resettled to countries where they are able to live and love freely, the vast majority live in unstable conditions. Still subject to persecution and discrimination, many live in fear - without access to work, medicine, or basic amenities. 

Unlike most charities, MfM facilitates direct, one to one giving. Your monthly donations will help LGBTQ refugees survive, with funds going towards rent, food, medicine and other resources.

The future for LGBTQ+ rights is long and complex, but these donations will make a very material contribution to the day-to-day lives of those on the frontline of that fight.