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Where is your money going?

To begin with, MfM will be working in conjunction with the Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA) to provide £12 per person, per month in sponsorship to the seven hundred LGBTQ+ refugees living in Nairobi. Once we have reached all of these people, we will review both the monthly amount per refugee and the locations which we operate in. 


 In conjunction with our co-director - Shadia Naluzze - RefCEA will manage the delivery of the funds to the refugees; ensuring that they have been received and are being spent to support living costs (including food, medicine, rent, and transport). In Kenya, the majority of the refugees have access to mobile phones, through which they will receive their donations. Using an app, Sendwave, we will transfer funds manually into the MPesa (mobile banking) accounts of the refugees. The details of these have been supplied by RefCEA. 

Whilst we trust that these funds will be used to support living expenses and provide access to basic amenities, we choose not to adopt a prescriptive approach in determining what exactly the recipients spend the money on. MfM is a wealth re-distribution platform, and we believe in the agency of the individuals who receive funds to spend them on the things they need most. 

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